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13 May 2011 @ 02:53 pm
An update on my collection, and things I am thinking about lately.  

Well, I recently recieved my first vintage Ken doll. He is a blonde painted hair Ken from probably 1961 or 1962. As with everything doll related, I won him on Ebay for really good price. I was thrilled to find out that he came from the collection of someone who was a manager at Mattel in the mid 1960's. He is in very good condition, only having a few paint scrapes on the hair.

My new guy, Erik.

I think I am going to rename him Erik. He just looks like an Erik to me. Plus, I have decided to keep my vintage reproduction Ken named Ken. I dont know why, but I am horrible when it comes to renaming dolls. I usually like to keep them named whatever the company calls them. lol.

In the picture Erik is wearing The shirt from the Sport Shorts outfit. And, even thought you cannot see them, he has on a pair of brown pak slacks. Oh, and the tan pak windbreaker.

I also have an actual vintage Allan doll on the way. I am not exactly sure what condition he is in. The pictures on the Ebay listing were kind of vague. But, he didnt appear to have any paint missing, and his face looked to be in good shape. And after all, if you are planning on keeping a doll dressed, face and hands are the main thing that needs to look good. (IMO)


When I first started my new Ken collection, I had told myself I was only going to get a couple vintage reproduction dolls, and then vintage clothing. But, since winning the Vintage Ken doll, I guess that has gone out the window. What I am thinking of doing now, is making my vintage Ken and Allan a couple, and then making my vintage reproduction Ken and Allan a separate couple.

For the reproduction dolls, I am thinking of finding new bodies for them. Something more articulated. I have seen some pictures on Flickr of vintage Ken and Allan heads on Volks bodies. I need to do some more research on how that is done, and how well the necks match up. And, how well the vintage clothing will fit the Volks body. If there is anyone reading this that has any info on that, I would love to see it.


I suppose that is about all that is going on with me and my doll collection. I will leave with a group shot of all three of my boys. Clothing description after the picture. lol.

The boys welcome a new family member.

Flocked Ken is wearing the shirt from Victory Dance, and grey pak slacks. He has on his favorite cap from Rally Day.

Erik has on the shorts, and socks from Sport Shorts, and a red pak sport shirt.

Allan has a yellow polo shirt on, and the shorts from Time for Tennis. He has the red socks from Victory Dance, and white loafers.